Back to your regular daily program.

Easier said than done. 

Just like anything and everything in this life.

Or in this case, easier written than done?

That fact of the matter? 

Anyone can write. 

You can write for the next 30 days on social media and find people who will read you. 

You can start small. 

Comment one thought of yours per day. 

Reply to one x per day.

Writing is actually thinking disguised as writing. 

When I think of the fact that I have to write?

I’m immediately turned off to writing. 

So how do I get myself to spill some words on the paper or on a digital page?

I start thinking. 

Think of anything. 

I totally forgot the initial thought that I had that prompted this 1200+ word message. 

But I had a thought and I riffed off of that. 

It’s important to forget the labels and just go for it. 

Writing isn’t wiring, it’s thinking. 

It’s reading. 

It’s learning. 

It’s studying. 

It’s sharing your experience.

A label should matter only after being filtered through careful thought. 

Maybe you’ve been called a name growing up and that’s stuck with you. 

Maybe you called yourself something like “ introverted” when all you had to do was work on your speaking and communication skills. 

(Most of today’s problems are a communication problem, I realize this more and more as time passes.)

((The resources are there, we just need proper comms and logistics to feed and house and educate everyone on earth through love, not the force of the state))

I digress, back to the topic: Writing

I’ve come to ask myself, what makes someone a writer?

After some brief thought, this is what I’m thinking.

You don’t need to be rich in money to be a writer.

You need to be rich in ideas. 

You need to have the courage to share these ideas. 

You will be ridiculed.

The trick is to see who’s doing the ridiculing. 

It’s sub-80 IQ people. 

Thank God they are calling themselves out. 

It’s a blessing. 

Now I know exactly who to ignore and who might be ready to onboard the greatest mission known to man kind. 

X, formerly Twitter is free.

You can get your hands on a couple of good books for what? 


You can read Ca$hvertising free of charge. 

(I made a blog post exclusively for you to have easy access to it.)

Linked here.

It’s available for anyone to read. 

Read some books, learn some things, process, and make it your own. 

Teach what you learn. Share your experiences. 

Publish online every day and stay consistent at it until you’ve grown an audience that reads you furiously if not ferociously.


Your writing should provoke emotion.

That’s kind of the point.

So you have social media – it’s “free to use.”

I say “free to use” because social media sucks you of your time and they let advertisers promote to you. 

They probably sell your data too. 

Soo, yeah, it’s “free to use”.

But, if you are smart, you should be trying to monetize your social media account. 

Be it your X, your IG, your LinkedIn.


Once you monetize one, you might be able to monetize all. 

It just takes learning, curiosity, patience. 

Time commitment, money commitment.

Hey, maybe you have the time to invest. 

Maybe you have the money to invest. 

Either way, you need to be willing to put some time and money on the line. 

Not everyone is in a position to do it. 

I’m reminded of PJW’s description of the world. 

AKA his username: PrisonPlanet. 

We’re living in one. 

Everyone is in their little prison. 

Mental Prisons

Financial Prisons

Social Prisons

Cultural Prisons

Political Prisons

Literal Prisons

These are different parts of what makes up the matrix. 

Different schools of thought exist in society. 

Like a school of fish, these are gathered en mass and in coordination and act to move to avoid and confuse the great white shark. 

The two big schools of thought I see going at it?

Collectivism vs Individualism.

Communism vs Capitalism

Business vs Government

Freethinking vs Prison Thinking.

Power Trippin vs Love Bombing 

I hope my analogy makes sense. 

You might be asking.

How can thought or meditation en mass influence even a single fly?

Let me remind you of the great accomplishments that human beings are capable of. 

The Great Pyramids

The Great Wall of China. 

Landing on the moon. 

Rockets to space and back to earth 


Chicago Style Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

Look my point is, when focusing on a single mission, a group of human beings are the most able to accomplish said mission, probably in the entire solar system, if not in the entire Universe. 

Maybe you put yourself in a prison. 

You’re a slave to your mortgage. 

Which makes you a slave to your career.

You’re a slave to a car you financed instead of paying in one go. 

The monetary system has been weaponized to not only enslave the global populous but to justify war against it. 

The current monetary industrial complex lives and thrives off of human decadence and degeneracy. 

Politicians in the US running and winning on illegal prosecution of their opponents.

The current monetary system is no longer tenable. 

It’s no longer sustainable.

The future is here, and the near future is going the be here even quicker. 

This is what you need to know and I will summarize it in the following list. 





Creative Arts




Study and practice these and you will be ready for the future.  If you need a shorter list do this:





Creative Channel


If you are smart you will realize that Business is Philosophy in practice.

Crypto is the future of finance, there are already use cases for crypto. 

It’s not only an investment vehicle. 

Look into Bitcoin and crypto. 

Not financial advice. 

You are smarter than to take financial advice from a random blogger.

This is what I would teach myself or my kid in the future. 

All human beings start with physical activity. 

First baby steps are universally celebrated.

So exercise should be first on the list. 

From the moment you start life, you are learning hand-eye coordination. 

Sports fall under exercise.

Maybe you don’t want to play sports maybe you do.

If you do, don’t let sports eat from your productive time pie.

After exercise comes language. 

With language comes then mathematics. 

Once you have these down you can move to bigger things and maybe even start your own business by the age you are 12. 

Maybe sooner than that?

Why not?

If you start a profitable business at the ripe age of 12 you’ll be a decade ahead of your peers that choose a conventional lifestyle. 

It’s not about being ahead. 

It’s about understanding the context. 

These people will be alien to you. 

They will be akin to zoo animals. 

Some of them, most I would say, should be domesticated and trained. 

They are trained to ignore you. 

You will always have the outlier, the free radical who’ll still have enough balls to say good morning to you. 

Maybe even get into a deeper convo with you. 

Most are nice and good people. 

But a lot of people are also crazy.

They are good at hiding the fact. 

They blend in with most people. 

You don’t know if someone’s a criminal or not. 

Not in a big city. 

Go ahead and give me a count of all the laws we live under currently, how can one not break a law daily?

I’m convinced they HAD to legalize marijuana in a major city like Chicago not because of the revenue, even though important, but more because there is so much smoking going on that police cannot arrest everyone doing it. 

The option was between two:

Do we enforce the law and imprison or penalize drug dealers

Or Do we open legal weed to get a piece of the space brownie pie?

Chicago Authority did the math and they said fuck it, open the flood, and legalize weed. As long as they get a fat paycheck via taxes, the state of Illinois is happy. 

Who wouldn’t be with an additional $1.6B for the year of 2023?

42M joints were sold, and I assume lit in Illinois in 2023.

It has officially become more profitable for the state to allow you to buy state-approved weed than it is to imprison the black market drug dealers.

My next question is:

How long until they legalize crack?

Thoughts? @edlatimore 

I hear it’s been done in crazy Commifornia 

Only California is rich enough to give their drug addict population more drugs so that they die off via literal assisted state suicide. 

If the crack comes with no medical care, let’s call it what it is. 

If California is giving out drugs to its drug-addicted population with no professional care or supervision, it’s tantamount to government-assisted suicide.

How is it not?

It’s a horrible way to deal with such a complex societal issue such as drug addiction and homelessness.

Apologies for the tirade, congrats for those of you who are still with me. 

Back to the topic at hand. 

You need to be writing every day. 

But remember, writing is just another word for learning new ideas, processing them and publishing them adding your own style to it. 

Remember the analogy I brought up earlier the school of fish and how that is I think all ideas and thoughts are not only avoiding the great white shark, let’s call it the anti-idea, but in many cases going at it in a eternal Mano a Mano between schools of thoughts.

We can see the movie that’s written and playing out right before our eyes by collecting all our thoughts, ideas, philosophies, and books. 

Think of anything ever written by anyone and all the writings that are yet to come. 

These schools of thought are almost visible.

More so in social media.

But I would include all physical books ever written into this huge cloud of ideas that humanity has created and keeps adding on day by day. 

The main idea today?

Learn to leverage writing to get paid to do it. 

You can do this in any language although English is the most recommended. 

It’s the biggest market I assume.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. 

Stay safe, stay positive and keep going and the going gets done. 

I’ll talk to you later my friend.

Love to all, 

Peace out.