There are many of you out there who do not know what to do next.

What to work on right now, and what to work on later. What to work on continually.

As men and women on earth, we are designed to work. 

The sooner you find what to work on the closer you are to finding your purpose.

You’re stuck, you lack a guide or a roadmap. It’s like you are walking blindfold in the dark. 

Sure you post content but it’s not getting you any leads or closing any sales.

Sure you created a product or service that you market tested with a single other business owner – didn’t work out and gave up. 

Sure you keep planting seeds but no trees ever come up.

Until a sprout comes up.

This was me just a week ago.

Lost, no idea what I was doing. Arguably still am and will always be there in some sense because learning and studying are a daily practice for me. 

But you need to build systems to operate in the chaos of the real world.

You will feel lost when learning or when doing something new.

This is part of the process.

You deal with that by learning every day. 

But you don’t just learn random stuff.

Learn with intention. With a desired future outcome in mind. 

Visualize that desired future state and work back from that.

Make notes on what you learn. 

Create a system from what you’ve gathered and sell it as a problem-solving, time and money-saving service.

You may feel stuck or discouraged at times. 

To those of you out there in this temporary mindset. 

There is light at the end of the funnel. 

Keep planting those seeds even if you still see no crops.

Plant seeds of wisdom in your mind to plant seeds of wealth in your world to plant seeds of knowledge for the future. 

It’s as simple as working on yourself until you’re ready to work for others.