Feminism has become an arm of the "nag the state" movement.

I have absolutely no doubt that the reason we are where we are today is because of modern-day feminism combined with a lack of masculinity. 

It’s more than a lack of masculinity. 

There is no common culture. 

There is no common identity. 

Something Vivek R hit on which was really on point is that we need a civic national revival in this country. 

More than the lack of masculinity it’s a lack of masculine community building. 

It’s a lack of community or common identity.

Other than at a sports event, which by the way, with the way the current “POTUS” is steering the economy, it’s going to get harder and harder for the average man to simply attend an event. 

Where can men be men? 

Crumbling economy. 

Crumbling border. 

Crumbling communities 

Crumbling Infrastructure. 

Crumbling family unit. 

Crumbling of culture and society as we know it. 

As AKL says. Get AKLPilled. 

Not only is big Gov the #1 problem. It’s the #1 reason for our current ones as well.

Who asks for bigger government?

Communists. Socialists. Feminists.

What’s interesting is that when I look up the definition of Communism it says:

“Socio-Political Economic and political ideology based on the idea of a classless society where the means of production are commonly owned and controlled by the community as a whole, rather than by private individuals or the state.”

I’m using AskChat GPT for this definition. God forbid they give me a source. 

The definition of socialism is slightly different in that they openly advocate for the use of the state government in that they should own the means of production not the community. 

Definition of socialism: 

“Socio-economic and political ideology that advocates for collective or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods and services.”

So on paper socialism is admittedly worse than communism. In the real world. It’s all horrible.

The day we realize 🏠 is founded on the immoral idea that taxation is the price we pay to live in society is the day we can make a change.. 

This brings up a miscellaneous point: buy Bitcoin responsibly. ASAP.

Back to our main topic. 

Today’s problems stem from ideologies like feminism usurping positions of power. 

What’s feminism? 

It’s described as power for women. 

In the practical world, it’s a communist socialist ideology that propagates via the lie that its goal is for women to have a better outcome in life.

Let’s look at the outcome of ideologies like feminism instead of relying on the propagandist mouthpiece of a self-proclaimed feminist socialist.

Feminism is the idea that we need the state to guarantee rights for women. 

We don’t and including the state in anything arguably does more damage. and it has.