Back from Twitter/X jail after what has been 7 days in the real world.

I would say about 40 days in the info digital space world.

People on the X platform are 5-10 years ahead of the general population.


I misstepped and broke momentum for 7 days.

But now.

We Are So Fuckin Back.

I was locked from my account for the past 7 days after replying to a news segment post.

You can check out the details in my website, on the blog section. Article: “Locked from X? A What To Do Next Guide”

Don’t want to share the link here just in case.

Go check it out if you want to know what got me banned to avoid posting anything similar yourself.

After 7 days of being locked from posting, replying, RTing, even bookmarking, I was reduced to taking screenshots of the X posts I found interesting in the hopes of going to my photos app after being allowed to use X again.

(Yea right)

I realized how important it is to be able to express your voice on such a platform. 

Here are 3 steps you should take to avoid getting locked from your X account.

Step# 1 Post with a purpose.

Promote whatever you want to promote. Be it your message, your offer, your website, your YT, your sub-stack. Don’t get into pointless arguments. Watch your posting finger especially if you are triggered by something horrible. 

(Why are you watching something horrible instead of Lead gen, Lead Nurt and Lead conv posting?)

To cost of getting locked for 7 days is way too great.

Posting under a news-post whatever immediately comes to mind after watching is not a good strategy.

The only way to post under these upsetting news segments is to do so strategically.

Some say I should not have been banned for posting what I did.

I don’t know.

I thought it was a mild joke.

Not according to X moderators.

Step# 2 Create a strategy with posts you know might be triggering to you. 

For example – let it sit for 24 hours to determine if it’s even worth engaging with. Have a bookmark section for posts you want to come back to with a cooler head.

Step # 3 Leverage your DMs.

Being locked from my account I could only DM people who are following me.

(Really appreciate it)

The X DM might be the most powerful networking tool out there if used correctly.

Hope you find these steps useful

I’m dropping a bonus step #4 in case you ever do get locked out of your X account.

I was still able to access my bookmarks and change my pinned X post.

So creat a thread post that you will save in your bookmarks as in case of locked account:

It can be a simple single post saying “I’m locked out for 7 days” or it could be a thread pinned post.

Up to you.

Not even sure if people could see my profile while I was locked. 

Remember to follow these steps and you should be jail proof.

  1. Post with a purpose
  2. Bookmark – come back to posts with a cooler mind
  3. DM – Being locked means you can only DM people who you follow and follow you back. Don’t wait to be locked to realize the value of the DMs.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Peace out.

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