Is Trump a political bomb larger than Oppenheimer's Atomic bomb?

I just want to say something quick. Short and sweet.

It’s always been a no-brainer for me. Voting for Trump in 2016 would mean being all in. Not only with the agenda but with the man himself. The full two terms.  How anyone can vote MAGA in 2016 and not again in 2020 is baffling to me. It’s like, you missed the big picture. Do you really need the context further explained to you? Once you vote  MAGA there is no going back. How could you without looking like a fool?

I was blocked from my favorite Twitter account (now X) after replying: DeSantis even running? I assume that’s what triggered the block. That along with my overly-salesly-now-updated-bio? Who knows? Looking at DeSantis’ campaign today it would’ve done him well not to run this time around and wait until 2028. Now he has no chance, probably ever. DeSantis’s first mistake was to even run. Vivek I feel is going at it to get to work with Trump. But as Trump himself said. People on the right should be rallying behind the most persecuted and prosecuted man in US history. The 45th President of the United States. Given the context. Is he not right? People who back DeSantis as anything other than governor don’t get it. They’re the type of people to abandon you mid epic journey. This is an epic journey for Trump and his supporters. It’s an epic journey for the soul of the nation.

Separately but no unrelated news: An Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian is running for office in the South American country of Argentina. I posted a 15 second clip of Milei going off on a female interviewer. You need to watch this clip. It’s wild to see. A leftist friend responds to the story: “great arguments” obviously sarcastically. I respond” Sure leftist” knowing this guy isn’t trying to have an intellectual debate with me over IG private messages. What’s the point? I respond like this because of context. Milei has been online since 2016. Milei has been presenting his arguments across the country and across the internet since the pre-Trump days. Some might say Milei is sort of a Trump spawn. Someone who with the rise of populism via Trump via Bolsonaro saw an opportunity to present his arguments as an economist who would turn out to be anything but conventional. This guy made international news type of stuff.

That’s why. When I speak to left-leaning people, I come with the context that the counterarguments are out there for anyone to find. Mile’s arguments have been on the internet for at least a decade. Trump’s arguments have been online for at least a decade. Why do you need me to explain to you these arguments when you can go find them yourself? The fact that you’re not familiar with the arguments shows me that you haven’t invested your own time. Why should I invest my time to have a convo with someone who’s half-read; not even that because you haven’t heard one argument of a man who’s been at it for over a decade. Plus you’re being condescending about it? lol fuck off.

After having several interactions you can quickly figure out who wants to have a genuine heart-felt conversation with you and who wants to come at you with animosity simply because they perceive you as having a different POV. Even if the POV turns out to be different. Can we agree to disagree? What surprised me from this recent interaction with this close friend was the hostility when I said: hey I’m coming at you from a place of love. He replied, yea not me.

All I had to say about Trump was said in the first paragraph. We all knew Trump would be the atomic bomb of politics back in 2016. How could you with any conscious abandon ship mid-flight? A lot of people are black-pilled. A lot are white-pilled. I like to be an optimist backed with action. 

What are you doing nowadays to better yourself and your situation?

Feel free to shoot me a message on X to have a convo. Till next time.