The Greatest Businesses are Born During Chaos

I’m pretty sure it was Robert Kiyosaki or some other business magnate who said it. The best businesses are born and thrive under chaos.

The never-ending conflict in the Middle East should not distract you from building business. Yes, it’s unfortunate. But what can you do about it? The best thing you can do is keep focus. If you’re distracted? Re-direct focus towards an achievable goal. You have a single lifetime. Use it wisely. 

For me, you could say I’m in my “work-your-ass-off era.” I realized business is the way to go a bit less than 10 years ago. After many courses after many reading hours after many shiny object syndrome I realized it comes down to 3 things.

  1. Choose a vehicle you can visualize yourself driving.
  2. Learn from people who already have some sort of success.
  3. Take ruthless action. 

I’m working on the ruthless action department. Before ruthless action can be implemented, You need some bones and muscle in your vehicle. As in, you need a vehicle that won’t break down in the chaos of ruthless action.  Like a spaceship that can withstand going through the atmosphere into space, you need that same strength as an entrepreneur. This is how I’m currently building that “space suit” or putting on some muscle on my business vehicle.

  • Daily Reading
  • Daily Exercise
  • Daily Writing
  • Daily Posting
  • Daily Mock Work
  • Daily Reaching Out

It does not need to be more complicated than that. Daily reading implies that you are learning on a daily basis. Keep that brain muscle strong by reading and writing every day. As I write this blog post, I ‘m also thinking. This is a great exercise to “coach myself” and kind of audit where I need to improve to redirect my business into a growth pattern. The last two bullet points I mentioned need to be expanded on.

Daily Mock work means you choose 1,2,3,4,5 brands that you like and you do free work for them. In my case? I would write email marketing samples because I offer copywriting as a freelancer. Who to offer this to? E comm brands or info brands. Two very different niches. Do mock work for as many niches as you can. the more the better. more experience on your back.

Daily reach-out comes after you gain confidence from doing so much mock work. This is where I am currently at and maybe need to lay out what’s going on via writing a blog for me to move forward. Say you have 5 different welcome email sequences for 5 of your favorite brands, would you feel better about cold outreach? I think so. 

Here is my action plan after some clarity. Have mock work for 2 info product brands. and have mock work for 3 e-comm brands. After that is done and ready in the Google Drive. Reach out to brands via social media or paying for leads. Let’s make this action a bullet point plan to make it simpler. 

  • Write 5 email campaigns for 5 different brands (2 info. 3 e comm)
  • Save in Google Drive
  • Find businesses on Social Media (X, IG)
  • Find businesses on paid apps (listkit, apollo)
  • Filter businesses via: how much monthly traffic they get (should be more than 40k/m)
  • Filter businesses via: annual revenue (above $600k)
  • Filter businesses via: montly revenue ($30k-$50k/month)
  • Make a list of leads on Google Excell sheets
  • Personalize and send cold emails or cold DMs.
  • Make money

Credit to @yourmarketingirl_ on IG for some of the filtering ideas. You can also filter searches by number of employees in a company and other metrics.

Hope this post is useful, it has been for me! I’ll be posting again soon. Sign up to my newsletter for exclusive content there. Until next time.

P.S. I’m providing the following B2B services. Let me know if you are interested!