How was your morning today?

If you’re like most people, you woke up. 

You snoozed for a couple of minutes. 

You got up. Got ready. Commuted to work.

If you’re a business owner. Things are different. 

Maybe you’re both an employee and an owner. 

You’ve got a lot on your plate.

Many of us do.

Maybe you’re a father and a husband as well.


You’re on top of the hierarchy of responsibility. 

Other than being the president of the United States maybe.

There is no greater responsibility than to raise children.

I commend you. 

Add being an employee and an owner.

You’re killing it. 

Even if you are still in your trying-to-launch phase. 

Even if it’s taking longer than expected.

Even if you don’t have a clear path yet. 

You’re directionally correct. 

You just need more action. 


Design your environment.

Design your days.

Design your mornings. 


Start by using the Power of Visualization.

What was your morning like today vs what would the perfect morning look like? 

Don’t like the word perfect? 

Okay, ideal morning? Efficient morning? Productive morning? Whatever you call it. 

You want to design the first part of your day in a way that will help you take advantage of the day, week, month, quarter, year.

Take charge of your future by first visualizing what you want your day to look like.

I woke up today later than I would have liked to. 

I snoozed. 

I didn’t work out. 

I didn’t eat. 

I’m sipping my steaming hot Cuban coffee so that’s a major win. 

That’s all I need to keep me going all day, to be honest. 

But I’m going to have to eat something later.

I can still add some reading time.

I’m writing so that’s another big win.

I want to keep up the writing every day this 2024 and post it anywhere and everywhere.

See what happens.

Speaking of which, or should I say, writing of which.

I should start posting more on my Medium account. 

Shout out to AYO for sharing his experience with that. 

I digress.

What does my perfect morning look like?

What does your perfect morning look like?

Let’s go over the exercise. You should do the same.

Let’s start with things I want to get done that are easy to resist.

I want to get in 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 200 calf raises before I even get in the shower. 

I want to get a walk in every morning. 30 minutes to the park.

In those 30 minutes, I can add something like listening to the course I last purchased or listening to a productive book on audiobook.

Should I get the walk-in before or after the shower?

I’m thinking of walking first and showering later.

So far I’m visualizing the first parts of my morning to go like this:

>Wake up. (Avoid iPhone)

>25 push-ups. 25 squats 50 calf raises (still half asleep)

>Read 15 min of a business book of choice – extract one idea.

>Another 25 push-ups. 25 squats 50 calf raises.

>Go for a walk in the park with the dog.

>Listen to business podcasts or audiobooks.

>Back from a walk with the dog.

>Another 25 push-ups. 25 squats 50 calf raises.

>Read 15 min of a business book of choice – extract one idea.

>Another 25 push-ups. 25 squats 50 calf raises.


>Get to writing. 

>1 or 2-hour session minimum.

>Post as a blog post. 

>Post as tweets.

>Schedule 7 tweets for the day. 

>Write an email based on the blog post and broadcast.

So at this point of the morning, I would have worked out. Read. Done some writing and have posted that writing online!

Now it’s time to get some actual work done. 

The first thing I need to do as a freelancer is make a list of 5 prospects. 

People and brands I would like to work with that are reachable and that I can add value to.

After you have that list. 

Check their content. 

I provide any of the following so I would ask myself the following question:

Does this business or brand look like they could benefit from any of the following?


~Social Media

~Web Design

~Funnel Design

~Landing Pages

~Email Automation

~Email Marketing

~Cold Email as Lead Generation

Before I go any further, I realize I drifted off into offer creation land.

But this is a space for freelancers and entrepreneurs to gather and learn from other freelancers and entrepreneurs in the same position or slightly ahead in business.

This will especially be useful if you are just starting to look for your first client like I am.

After I have those 5 brands I want to work with I would reach out and start a conversation. 

Do not sell or offer anything in the very first message! 

Major turn-off. 

Ask them about their product, or comment on how their content has helped you in real life.

Have a genuine convo. 

Eventually, get to asking. 

“Hey, are you currently leveraging the power of email marketing?”

“Do you feel you’re at a lower potential level than you should be in terms of (insert service you think would greatly benefit the brand)?”

Don’t feel confident enough to start the conversation yet?

Try this: 

Write up an email sequence for their brand. 

Yes, that means unpaid work.

Oh well, blood sweat, and tears right?

2-4 emails that they could use tomorrow on their email list.

Pitch like this: 

I love the work you’re doing with your brand, product, and service. I was inspired to write this email sequence for you to send to your audience. Please let me know if you would like me to send it your way!

From that, you should be able to open a conversation to get people on the phone with you. 

On the phone is where you sell your services.

This has been a small guide on the power of visualization – beginner freelance edition. 

It’s been a great exercise for me to get some clarity in what I want my day to look like along with getting in my daily writing. 

I hope to get into daily blog posts despite the chaos of life. 

Same with reaching out to brands.

  • Find brands I can help 
  • Craft a low-risk brainer offer. 
  • Get people on the phone. 
  • Sell my marketing services.

I hope that in 2024 you go from 0 to 1 and then to $10k/month and beyond.

Have a great 2024 everyone.

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Hope you find some of this content useful.

Let me know how you will use visualization to start your days on a better note.

Until next time.