Creating a website that has a landing page that leads readers to a newsletter automation sequence that will introduce yourself, your business and your offer to people who are interested in buying (they signed up to your email & they accepted your free lead magnet) is easy.

What’s harder to do is to create content that will attract your ideal client profile to your page.

The hard part is to create content showing your target audience you’re competent in what you do.

The hard part is to keep creating content even though nobody interacts with it – until the right people do.

The hard part is to look yourself in the mirror and be able to say to yourself that was not up to standard so you create a way to remedy the situation instead of running away from the situation.

The hard part is to learn you should have charged more to provide a better service to your clients.

The hard part is to modify your offer to better suit your clients’s needs.

The hard part is to keep going even though you might not see an immediate path forward – but you see the destination far off.

We all get that the journey is not linear.

But there is a North Star:

To service and to provide.

It’s not going to be easy.

But the journey to learn how to provide value in a profitable way, pays off the day you provide value after closing your first client to provide a service.

Learn the following topics and you’ll be able to create wealth at will.

(It’ll only be a matter of time.)

Social Media
Web Deisign
Email Automation/Marketing/Outreach

I attracted my first client simply by posting an offer on my blog, sharing it on my X account.

That, after studying the seven topics I mentioned above.

I only have the confidence to get a a sales call because I have a pretty good idea of how I can help you out as a business owner who wants to scale to $100k months and above.

It’s refining the above system.

You can use it as a seasoned business owner to scale business as much as a total beginner can use it to get their first client.

In hind sight, I only needed 4 out of the 7 in technical knowledge.

But I never would have had the confidence to get on a call without knowing all 7.

On top of that?

Continuous learning.

It’s an every day thing.

What are you going to do today to gain the confidence you need to get shit done?

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