This system will surge your social media and attract your ideal reader in the next 30-90 days.

The content repurposing protocol is simple yet powerful.

I want you to picture one thing.

A big fat pie. 

Choose your favorite pie. 

Could be Shepard’s Pie.

Could be Apple Pie. 

I love lemon pie.

Or dare I say, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?

It’s kind of like a pie… I guess.

I digress.

This pie of yours represents 40 hours in a 5-day work week. 

How many hours per day do you spend on social media on these four tasks if you’re not already outsourcing/delegating?

1. Strategizing

2. Repurposing

3. Creating

4. Posting

If we’re conservative I would say 2 hours per day?

If we’re more realistic it would be more like 4 hours per day minimum.


Let’s work with those numbers real quick:

2 hours 5 days per week is 10 hours per week. 

That’s 25% of your Shepard’s pie gone on a relatively mundane task.

(Repurposing your video and email content into social media content)

Let’s say you got a little too excited and put down 4 hours per day instead of 2.

(Most social media users, even the pros are susceptible to overuse.)

That’s 20 hours per 5 days for a total of 20 hours per 40-hour work week.

50% of your Deep Dish. 



I hope you realize we’re talking about your time here not actual food.

Let’s get to the meat of bones here:

What would you do with an extra 20 hours per week on your hands?

Reinvest into business?

Invest in family?

Invest in travel?

How much time you would be buying back is only one part of the equation. 

The second part is the social media scaling. 

You’re currently at a control. 

We are looking to surge your social media numbers within the next 30-90 days. 

The purpose of the surge?

This is where we want to consult with you. 

What is the metric that you are looking to boost specifically?

Based on that we move forward. 

Maybe with those additional 20 hours per week you pick up a new hobby or you finish reading the book you’ve been putting off.

Or you pick up the book you haven’t been able to pick up.

Maybe you re-invest in making more videos and writing more email campaigns that will later go down the conveyor belt of production into content for social media.

That’s what The Content Repurposing Protocol will accomplish for you. 

Build a system.

Buy back your time. 

You have video content – tons of it. 

You have email content – tons of it. 

Allow me to ask 3 questions:

How much more time would you have on your hands if you delegated most social media strategy and content creation to a copy specialist?

Should you concentrate on producing video and email content while delegating the task of converting it into social media posts to someone else?

What is the main problem are you looking to solve with this service (the content repurposing protocol)

Maybe you don’t have the patience.

Maybe you don’t have the expertise. 

Maybe you simply need to buy back some time. 

Whatever your situation is, I am here, arm extended, ready to give you a hand and lift you.

A lift to your future desired state in terms of business scaling via social media.

That is the whole purpose of The CRP, after all.

The content repurposing protocol’s purpose and mission is to surge your social media profiles, whichever one you choose to get you more exposure online and ultimately more sales.

You want to expand your digital ecosystem.

Repurposing your existing Video and Email content is a great way to conquer the digital landscape.

Schedule a call to see if we are a good fit.

Peace out. 

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