An offer for owners, a methodology for beginners.

Whether you are a business owner curious about how to further scale social media or a beginner who’s also curious about the benefits of scaling a social media account, let me tell you are in the right place.

Not only that.

Talk about the right place at the right time.

I’ll be revealing the system that will help scale your social media.

Why scale social media?

To scale your business brand.

Why scale a business brand?

To scale business.

Not interested in scaling business?


Good luck with your endeavors.

No, seriously. If you have no curiosity about how to monetize a social media account, maybe this is not the email newsletter for you.

If you are here you want to make money with your social media, if not more.

You want to scale your social media brand to scale your business brand.

A quick email about what I do and how I’ll help you scale your brand.

It’s called The Content Repurposing Project.

It’s a low-ticket high-ROI offer so make sure you tune in.

Bookmark this to come back to in case you ever need to repurpose your current content.

What type of content?

Video or Email.

You either have a YouTube Channel where you are active every day.

Or you have a newsletter where you email your audience every day.

Our job?

We repurpose the content you create on these two platforms into content that can be consumed via X (Twitter), IG (Instagram), or LinkedIn.


Daily Tweets.

Daily or weekly Threads.

Pinned Tweet/Thread

Twitter Banner Design by a Design Specialist.

Audience interaction.



Single Posts


Story Posts

Design by a specialist.

Audience interaction.



Single Posts

Design by a specialist.

Audience interaction.

After we are done producing the content and it is ready to post, we send it to you for approval.

We make tweaks at your direction. These would be minimal due to the discussion that takes place before production begins which would direct The Content Repurposing Project.

We understand if new ideas come up, these can always be used in the next post!

We can launch a brand-new profile for you or we can send the ready-to-post content to you for you to post to your account.

You can implement this blueprint on your own or you can DM me or reply to this email to hire me month to month (cancel anytime) at a low ticket price.

Offer: I will repurpose your Video and Email content into content that can be posted on socials like X, IG, and LinkedIn to scale your brand on social within 30-90 days or you don’t pay!

You can’t do everything on your own.

There is a hole in your boat that needs to be clogged.

This is the solution to your problem.

This is the clog that will plug the hole in your “wealth well”.

Stop leaving money on the table today.

As an owner who is on X, you understand the importance of these platforms and the opportunity they provide.

X, Ig, LinkedIn, Email.

But the importance of these tools becomes even more clear in how proportionally massive in size they are when we look around and see the “wealth wells” that keep popping up.

I can name names but for the sake of allure, mystery, privacy and security, I’ll keep them behind curtains.

(C’mon, If you’ve been following, you know who these people are.

You need to learn from people who have produced results.

That’s what I am doing.

Maybe at a slower pace, but it’s getting done.

I’m accelerating the speed of things by doing a 90-day outreach run.

This email is part of that.

If you have content that needs to be repurposed schedule a call with me today.

DM me on X

Reply to this email.

Send me an iMessage.

Whatever works for you.

You need to be learning from the online teachers who want to give back somehow and have managed to do so turning over a massive profit.

It’s important to be active online for your audience to find you so that they can buy from you.

What’s the best way to do this?

The Content Repurposing Project. (CRP)

It’s a low-ticket offer.

Potentially Huge ROI

CRP is the CPR your social media brand needs to scale.

All the content that you’re already creating on YouTube or Email can be repurposed into content that fits into your X, IG, or LinkedIn account.

This is such a high ROI offer at such a low ticket price, that you won’t think twice about purchasing.

After you do, the results will be so visible in tandem with being so low cost that you’ll be surprised and delighted – guaranteed.

DM me on X.

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