Why you should launch a business, even if you are not “interested.”

You live in the land of the free – even if you don’t, it’s 2024, the land of the free is online.

Having the freedom to enterprise is a fundamental human right that many today do not have. 

Exercise your rights before they are taken. 

You are capable. 

Others depend on you.

Others need you. 

You want to provide. 

You want to break free.

You want to live. 

The most important reason:

You want to stop being poor.

Yes, it’s okay to be selfish. 

That’s how man has been able to survive up until this point in time.

Being selfish first, generous later.

What do you have to give, if you have not yet attained? 

Launching a business in 2024 has many meanings. 

To some, it means engaging in money-spending hobbies. 

To others, it means making phone calls and sending emails. 

WTF is business in 2024?

You have a product, good, service, or offer.

You exchange this for money.

You do this several times.

It adds up.

It multiplies. 

It compounds. 

You make a profit. 

You are in business. 

That’s kind of technical.

I like to think business is a mutually beneficial relationship. 

You have cool soap to sell.

I want cool soap to buy,

Voluntary exchange.

Apply this to coaching. 


Web Design. 


Anything and everything that falls under the category of service, offer, product, solution, or experience.

Business is a value exchange. 

Let’s take music for example. 

Taylor Swift makes Trump Tower-Tall Stacks of money every year, why?

She makes great music. 


Not really.

Objectively she’s worth billions. 

She’s a musician. A pop star. 

She sells her music and her shows. 

She’s moving around the entire US’ GDP with a musical tour. 

Talk about shaking it up…I mean shaking it off. 

How does the song go?

I digress.

Taylor Swift sells an experience, and according to sales numbers, a great one.

Isn’t it crazy how there is something to learn from everyone?

Try to give your readers, customers, and clients an experience instead of simply selling them a product. 

Go above and beyond. 

Get em with THE BIG HIT.

So what’s The BIG HIT?

Finally launching your business. 

Making it work and making it profitable. 

Some will go all their lives without thinking twice about launching a business. 

This thought to me is crazy. 

I believe business is the only way to modern freedom.

We live at a point in time where it’s either business or employment.

You are either in service to others for profit or you are servicing one for breadcrumbs.

Worse of all?

Men drenched in blood suits behind men with guns behind a faux authority seamlessly take breadcrumbs from your breadcrumbs.

You need to act now.

You won’t be ready for when the REAL big hit comes. 

You want to be ready. 

If you are not interested in business, start taking an interest.

Your life outcome literally depends on it. 

Stop dismissing new business information as “not interested.”

It is our last resort to fight for freedom. 

It is the weapon still available to the average man. 

General Washington, one of if not the founding fathers of the US was a businessman.

He and his Continental Army fought the British for you to be free to enterprise today.

Look at the state of the UK today.

Look at the state of the US. 

It’s looking bleak.

Hit back with a profitable business. 

Launch a business before they outright make it illegal.

“Maybe some simply do not have the mental capacity to enterprise.”

“Maybe some were meant to be workers.”

I refuse to believe this. 

Men and Women are enterprising creatures. 

It’s how we not only survived but flourished. 

Some would say to an excess. 

I think not. 

There is more than enough pie for everyone. 

People just need to be taught from a very early age how to get a piece of the pie in a way that does not violate the NAP. AKA business. 

Are you seeing how everything ties into everything yet?

Okay, let me spell it out for you just to be super annoying.

Capitalism is the voluntary exchange of goods, services, industry, etc. 

Socialism is the transfer of goods, services, etc. via the force of the state. 

Communism is the state involuntarily taking ownership of goods, services, industry, etc.

Feminism asks for rights to be granted via the force of the state. 

Socialism, Communism, and Feminism all lobby the state to do their bidding. 

How can anyone support these?

Capitalism, on the other hand, allows for a socialist system to co-exist within capitalism.

It comes down to free-market capitalism vs state-directed capital deployment. 

In concluding 

Hit them with the big hit before they get you with their big hit.

I you’re smart you’ve figured out what I mean. 

Launch a business.

Not there yet?

Start taking an interest towards and in business.

If you understood anything about how the world works you would understand that business will be the only tool that will separate you from a crowd 

Business is a necessary tool for survival today but especially in the future the comes. 

Build your brand.

Build your email list.

Build your blog.

Provide value. 

Provide services. 

Win at life. 

Talk to you later my friends, thanks for reading.