Copywriting is the art of crafting words that sell. You’re gonna find good copy and you’re gonna find bad copy. It’s your duty to find the great, study and replicate. Imitate the greats as they say. What is copy is not as important as how do I write good copy? What can I do with copy? How can I live as a copywriter? These are some of the questions that came up for me after figuring out what copy is.

Some of the content I’m going over include a copywriting course “Copy MBA” along with  copywriting book “Great Leads.” That’s just an intro but should be enough to get some clients before the end of the year. *cough cough* before the end of the summer. Hey, we have 35 days of summer left. Who doesn’t like a challenge? If that’s you. Probably not the blog for you. We like to shoot high here. But at the same time understand it’s about the systems you have in place.

If you know basic English speaking, writing, and communication. Why not look into copywriting? Maybe you are perfectly happy where you currently are. But I believe most aren’t. I believe most people want more but aren’t sure how to start to go for more. Maybe you’re a hater and you want to see how long until I crash and burn. Either way. You’re welcome to come and learn. 

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This is the funnel we’ll create for you and your brand,

You need to start off with social media daily presence. Your website will be linked on your social media for people to visit. People who visit will have the opportunity to sign up to your newsletter. Your newsletter will introduce you, your brand, your offer, and your service to people who sign up. This is the opportunity for you to make a great first impression.