Be careful with what you wish for, because you're going to get it.

Dieorcopy .com  – Standard Operating Procedure.

This SOP will go over the standard operating procedures that need to take place for a seamless, timely, and professional process to take place in the organization and outside the organization. 

We are a marketing agency that offers various online marketing services to businesses that are ready to scale their online brand.

We can create a funnel for you, close a gap in your current funnel, or give you a specific piece of the funnel. 

Good on your funnel?

We can deliver the copywrite content that goes into the funnel and outside the funnel. 

Let me explain the with a 9-step visual:

1. Copywrite

2. Social Media

3. Web Design

4. Newsletter Landing

5. Email Automation Sequence

6. Email Marketing Daily 

7. Email Outreach 

8. Ads

9. Blogs

So there is the funnel and there is the content inside the funnel.

We use copywriting to leverage Social Media, Web Design, Email marketing, and email outreach to boost your online presence while capturing the attention of an audience who is primed to purchase. 

Have you read the book Pre-Susaion? By Cialdini? 

Go read it now. 

It’s been a couple of years for me but now that it’s been brought up, it must be read again. 

Let’s keep going down the SOP.

Once we have this system in place it’s only a matter of pressing on the gas pedal.

What does this mean?

Going down the funnel I just gave you and creating content for each part of the funnel. 

After the stable pieces are in place.  – (Web design, Social Media Bio, Articles, Blogs, Email Automation)

We start working on the parts of the funnel that need daily maintenance.  – (Social Media Posts, Emails, etc)

Copywrite – Study every day. 

Social Media – Post 7 times a day on topics that are related to what you are interested in. Ideally what you are offering. Study X accounts that are doing what you want to do and learn from them.

Web Design – Write the copy for your entire web design. 6+ pages is a lot of copy. But this is only done once if done well.

Newsletter Landing – This will be part of the 6 pages of your website. It might be updated more often depending on the evolution of your offer/service. 

Email Automation Sequence – set an email automation sequence of 7 emails. This will be a welcoming series. It should have a great first impression on your readers. Start with a story. 

Email Marketing Daily – Write one email per day on anything related to your offer or service. It could be directly or indirectly related. This depends on how hard you want to sell. You want to nurture an audience that buys so prime your readers to purchase buy selling. 

Email Outreach – This is a B2B service for businesses looking to generate more sales calls. It’s also known as cold email outreach. It is an outbound method meaning we initiate contact with other businesses via email. The end goal of the email? To get on a call, NOT to sell. The end goal of the call? To sell and to close. 

Ads – Facebook Ads is my domain. It’s what I’ve learned to use and will be leveraging for my own company as soon as needed. We believe in exhausting organic platforms like social media and email before resorting to paid methods like ads. It’s the last piece of the funnel. 

Blogs – SEO-optimized blogs are not our main product but can be delivered at a low cost. They do make part of the online ecosystem but are not an integral or crucial part of it.

If this content system is the system you need let me know and we can start setting something up.

Maybe you only need social media ghostwriting. 

Maybe you only need email marketing copy. 

Maybe you only need ads copy.

Let us know, our service is customizable.

Don’t know where to start?

Start with The Content Repurposing Project. 

It’s our low ticket month-to-month offer.

Owners pay attention:

I will repurpose your Video and Email content into content that can be posted on socials like X, IG, and LinkedIn to scale your brand on social within 30-90 days or you don’t pay!

P.S. Limited to a small number of qualified candidates. Please ask how to apply by sending me a DM or replying to this message

Here are the SOP of SOPs that you need to get your agency going. 

See something that’s missing?

Please let me know!

SOP for creating a social media account.

SOP for creating content for that social media account.

SOP for creating a website.

SOP for creating a newsletter landing page.

SOP for connecting newsletter landing to web design.

SOP for creating an email automation. 

SOP for creating an impressive email sequence.

SOP for writing daily emails. A creativity hack.

SOP cold email outreach lead gen. (long one)

SOP for Facebook/Meta Ads

SOP for creating an SEO Blog.

Standard Operating Procedure for Processing Outbound Lead.

Standard Operating Procedure for Processing Inbound Lead.

SOP for qualifying Outbound. 

SOP for qualifying Inbound.

SOP for the sales call.

SOP for customizing deliverables to prospect needs.

SOP for closing

SOP for onboarding.

SOP for nurture after onboarding. (remove buyer’s remorse before it shows up.)

SOP for fulfillment.

SOP for Payment 

SOP for cancellation. 

SOP for content creation. 

SOP for content repurposing. 


SOP for Landing Page

SOP for DM outreach.

That’s all I have for now ladies and gents. 

If that’s not enough work for you then I don’t know what to say. 

The sooner you get to work the better. 

Let me know if you are invested in The Content Repurposing Project, as an owner, you should be.

The Content Repurposing Project:

We will repurpose your Video and Email content into content that can be posted on socials like X, IG, and LinkedIn to scale your brand on social within 30-90 days or you don’t pay!

The basic outline/blueprint:

We repurpose the content you create on Video and Email platforms into content that can be consumed via X (Twitter), IG (Instagram), or LinkedIn.

X: Daily Tweets. Daily or weekly Threads. Pinned Tweet/Thread Twitter Banner Design by a Design Specialist. Audience interaction.

IG: Carousels Single Posts Reels Story Posts Design by a specialist. Audience interaction.

LinkedIn: Carousels Single Posts Design by a Specialist. Audience interaction.

DM me before spots are taken. (click on the blue Twitter icon below)

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