When I say socials I mean the main players. X (Twitter), IG (Instagram) and LinkedIn.

You want to attract as qualified an audience as possible. 

Your social media is your digital storefront. 

Your website is the inside of your store. 

Your newsletter is a weekly mag subscription that people can sign up for.

You will:

  1. Entertain
  2. Inform
  3. Sell

Your daily email will tell your story and sell your offer. 

You should start with an automated email sequence of 5-7 emails to welcome readers.

You don’t want to “friendzone” your readers into a nonbuying zone. 

Train your readers to buy. 

Even if it’s a small $5 ebook. 

Are you starting to see the funnel?

Let’s go over what to post on the first part of the funnel. 

The front-facing side of your store: Your social media presence. 

Let’s dive into the most relevant players today.


X is arguably the most important platform to be on. 

X is for all niches. 

Create a profile today if you’re not on it already. 

Basic blueprint of how to use after you set up an account.

Follow people who you find interesting/entertaining/want to learn from and are active on X every day.

Comment on their posts. Comment on the replies on their posts. 

Aim for 10 comments per day on 10 of your favorite profiles. 

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.

After that. 

Post on your timeline. 

Things you’re learning about. 

Things you find interesting. 

Things you find entertaining. 

RT things. 

Comment on that RT to make it more of your own.

The more personality you show the better. 

Every single post is an opportunity to do that. 

Have a pinned thread. Tell your story. Sell your offer. 

This is part of the initial profile setup. 

You’ll have a banner and a profile picture. 

Post on your timeline at least 8 times a day. 

Spread it out throughout the day and be consistent and on schedule to train your audience.

3 posts in the AM 

2 posts in the afternoon

3 posts at night

No need to follow this outline, you can create your own. 

Try to be as active as possible and try to post as much value as possible. 

Try to interact as much as possible with those who interact with you. 

Comment under bigger accounts. 

Comment under accounts that are your size. 

Engage with smaller accounts that you see are packed with value.

This is the way to start your X journey. 

You will have a surge boost on your account within 30-90 days. 

We have to mention threads which are X posts connected under a thread. 

Usually sharing a system or a pattern of information. 

“Here are 7 consumer psychology facts you need to know to grow your email list today!”

Find problems and solutions that your potential or your current customers are having and create a content system around those testimonials and stories. 

Find problems that your potential clients are having on online groups and chat boards like Reddit or Facebook. You can find these on X. There are many ways to do market research. 

So how do we specifically create content for you if you happen to hire us?

We re-purpose all your current content via The Content Repurposing Project. 

The CRP Offer quickly summed up:

All your video content and all your email content are repurposed into social media content (X, IG, or LinkedIn) to surge your socials within 30-90 days or you don’t pay. 

If you have no current content no worries. 

Ask about our separate Content Creation Copywrite Offer.

To sum up social.

You should be active every day especially if you have an offer to sell.

People with money are ready to buy your service on X, IG, or LinkedIn you just need to put it in front of their face for them to see.

Learn from other people who are posting and apply some of that to your style of posting. 

This will always be a learning journey, the most important step to take is the first. 

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Until next time, go do something productive meanwhile. 



P. S. Are you an owner on the fence about whether or not The Content Repurposing Protocol is right for you? Let me remind you that this no-brainer low-ticket offer specifically solves this. If you don’t see any results within 30-90 days you do not pay. This is as easy as a decision to cancel or not your Netflix account. The purpose of the low ticket offer is to be so low ticket that you forget it’s there – but the value is so great you wonder if you’re underpaying. Underpromise and overdelivering in mind. We have a design specialist on board to create IG and LinkedIn carousels. Don’t hesitate to schedule a call below.