Driving into a Walmart parking lot this morning, It’s cloudy but it’s nice and breezy so my window is cracked. I hear a guy on the phone:

“I’m supposed to be in school right know I’m finna head there right now”

I’m reminded of the days I played Grand Theft Auto and all the random and funny shit pedestrians say. 

It made me wonder: “Are we really in a simulation?”

This happened after I had told Google Maps to take me to the nearest Walmart super center, Before I realized it, I was in a weird neighborhood in the back of the Walmart, 

Then I realized: “Wow Google is gonna get me killed if I’m not paying attention.”

I’m probably preaching to the choir here but it’s good to be aware of how dependent we are on modern-day technology. From the apps on our smartphones to the electric vehicles we drive. Yeah, they are all great to have. But let’s not forget to mention how undependable they are. 

What happens if the internet shuts down? What happens when shit hits the fan? 

“It’s like living in a movie” a dude told me the other day after mentioning that he heard that “Jones” guy talk about another incoming lockdown.

Stay say out there. Keep learning new skills. Keep going. 

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