On Social? Might as well make $ from it.

Ready for 03.18. 2024. 

This will be the launch day for my 30-120 day X posting run. 

The goal?

To post value every single day. 

To grow my X account. 

To create a network of real ones. 

To get my first client. 

To promote my offer.

To monetize my profile.

To show others it is possible.

To post things I wish I had been made aware of sooner.

To document my growth. 

To get better every day. 

Be creative.

Explore different copy techniques. 

Start with Great Leads and Cashvertising. 

Sprinkle a bit from what you learned in those books.

You know, implement, practice, and apply.

Start with a story but make sure you let people know what copywriting is.

Once you do this on the topic you choose for 30 days straight, move on to the next topic.

Do the same with that topic for the next 30 days. 

Imagine the amount of knowledge written down on X threads that would be produced by the end of 365 days. 

That would be something to witness. 

I’m ready for 03.18.2024.

Are you?


I’ll post 1 thread per day about copywriting at 7:00 A.M.

From that, I’ll do at least 7 well thought out single X posts.

Might be technical, might be practical, might be mindset, might be nonspecific.

The point of these single tweets will be to provide value maybe not so much in the context as specific as copywriting. 

Lifestyle type of tweets. 


Inner-monologue maxing type of thing. 

We’ll see. 

The exercise is to post a lot more than I have been posting. 

I’ve come up with The Content Repurposing Protocol Offer for owners who need to be on social every day so I might as well apply the service to my profile. 

The only difference is that I do not have video content. 

That won’t stop me. 

If anything I’ll figure it out. 

I have to post a VSL script and then do the video going over the script so that people who get on phone calls with me already have most of the picture. 

It should be easy to determine if we are going to be a good fit or not relatively quickly. 

The topics I’ll cover during this run will be topics I’m interested in yet topics of great value. 

Topics related to the service I provide. Quick rundown:


Social Media

Web Design


Email Automation 

Email Marketing

Email Outreach 

Facebook Ads


Then we have broader interests of mine that will be touched on in the TL:






Current Events


Do you think those 16 topics are enough for me to post 120 days of content non stop?

I think so. 

That is more than enough.

From those topics, you might find subtopics. 

Much to say about copywriting on its own.

I’m doing a copy thread every day.

Then I’m posting 7 times about any of the above-mentioned topics.

Something crucial to keep in mind when writing to an audience. 

Always appeal to at least 1 if not ALL the life force 8.

The Life Force 8. 

Let’s go over them to not forget.

  1. Survival Life Extension, Enjoyment, 
  2. Enjoyment of Food and Beverage.
  3. Freedom from Fear, Pain, and Danger.
  4. Sexual Companionship
  5. Comfortable living
  6. Winning, Keeping up with Jones
  7. Protection of Loved Ones
  8. Social approval.

Credit: Drew Eric Whitman 

Hope this helps.

Until next time.  

P.S. If you’re an owner who has video and email content that needs to be repurposed to be active on social media every day check out The Content Repurposing Protocol.

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