"C'mon man" - J. R. Biden

Having a newsletter is not a hard thing to do.

That’s why I’m surprised whenever I see a great personal brand on IG or on YouTube or on Twitter. but they have no newsletter landing page. Their web design is subpar. I was going over a web design the other day. Immediate red flag: the web designer was promoting his own agency on the web design he had produced for his client. That seemed kinda shady to me. The IG brand had more authority than the web design. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

I would not promote myself on your website if you were to hire me to do your design. If you really loved my work you would naturally refer me. I’m not injecting myself into your website. The web design should be focused on your brand. Your Product. Your offer.

The way I’d set this up for you is with ConvertKit. I have an active newsletter it’s on my X bio.  Sign up you’ll learn a lot. Trust me. I can do the same for you. Set up a web design. Have the design lead into your email sign-up. Have people who sign up receive an automated email sequence. Introduce yourself and your product and services. The results you’ve helped produce. The research you’ve done. 

The people who sign up are the people who will be ready to purchase. These people are ready to make the next step in their business / life transformation. Are you?

Contact me now for your next web design which includes a newsletter with an automated email sequence for your brand to make a great first impression.

X account: @jeromecaz