When push comes to shove. What do you do?

We all have those life-changing moments where you’re faced with a decision. Many times it comes down to an ultimatum,

“What I am doing next?”

“Has what I’ve been doing even been working?”

For me, it has been a delayed decision but a decision has been made.

I’m going all in on marketing,

Specifically, web design, copywrite for email marketing, ads, blogs, sms. Email automation set up, weekly email campaigns. Lead generation with cold email. If I don’t know a bit of each, it will be a harder path. Yea I’m taking longer but I want to make sure I enjoy what I’m doing.

I’m well aware that at some point learning becomes procrastination. You probably know enough to go reach your first goal of $10k/month with a service-based business. 

You just need to organize yourself.

Organize a budget.

Organize a daily action plan.

Marketing, outbound and inbound.

Reiterate offer to fit what a hungry market wants. 

Copywriting is just the tip of the iceberg.

Every business needs better copy. 

Why not become an expert?