“He's probably f****** hard af!”

The 15-minute copy system that’ll increase sales in the next 30 days. AND have your competition wondering how much you’re fucking - or your money back.

Copywriting Services Done For You: An Explainer.

Copywriting is fundamental to any marketing. It can be applied to any medium because copywriting is based on universal principles and research extracted from consumer psychology. People have done decades of research to figure out what makes powerful copywriting.

Powerful copy will make your audience click buy. That’s the short of it. The purpose of copy is to make more sales. If you have a control, you should devise a way to systematize copywriting optimization. A/B testing is one way. Trial and error.

If you’ve read Cashvertising you know the following story. 

There was an author a long time ago who became a “master bookseller”. One of his methods and tactics was launching books and testing out different titles on the same books.

He would change the book titles and tune them to make sure to harp on one of the LF8. The books with titles that would harp on an LF8 would do the best. 

Life Extension, Life Enjoyment, Survival

Enjoyment of food and beverages,

Freedom from pain and danger

Sexual companionship

Comfortable living conditions

Keeping up with joneses, wining, being superior

Protection of loved ones

Social approval

We’ve all heard of the studies. Being sexually active and drinking red wine will literally expand your life on this earth. If you want to enjoy life and if you want to live as long as possible, as opposed to surviving, you should be maximizing for both. Sex and alcohol. Heck, add a piece of your favorite meat cut. You’re at your favorite cozy restaurant. It’s elegant, but not so much that you can’t be comfy. You’re with your partner in what seems to be near-perfect conditions. Everything is perfect. The food, the drinks, the way your partner looks, yea she always looks good but tonight? She’s a snack. She’s the main course. You casually glance at your iPhone screen, of course, you have the latest as soon as it came out. You see your digital products are all bringing in the bank. A perfect evening turned into bliss. You can do whatever you want. You’re a cowboy in the land of the free. The wild wild west but in modernity and style. At least, that’s what you intend to bring back with your aura. You’re bringing sexy back. Your friends know it, your family knows it, the local church knows it. And they all approve. After dinner, you tip generously, 25% and that’s low end, you’re not feeling as generous today. The cute waitress got one of my cocktails wrong, you’d think an old-fashioned is common and easy to make. You’d be wrong, even in a big shoulder city like the one that is the city of wind. Or the city of green for the politicians and the potheads as of a couple of years ago. I digress.

You might be wondering at this point, okay where is the 15-minute copywriting system that will increase my sales in the next 30 days?

Here it is. 

It’s the one I’m building and can build the same for you. 

Think of copywriting as the umbrella. 

The following 6 points fall under the copywriting umbrella.

Social Media

Web Design


Email Automation

Email Marketing

Cold Email Lead Generation

So once you have that in place you create content every day. 

15 mins.

Post a tweet.

Post it on your blog.

Make it an email for your newsletter. 

Send it next day or end of week.

Easy enough right?

Well not so much.

It only takes 15 min but that’s if you have the following in place.

Social Media

Web Design


Email Automation

Email Marketing

Cold Email Lead Generation

Maybe you do maybe you don’t.

If you want me to set this up for you DM me.

Schedule a call.

Comment “copy”

You can buy it as a bundle or separately.

Oh and as for the “he’s probably fucking hard as fuck part?”

You know that’s what we want our competitors to think.

Nobody wants to say it out loud but I’ll say it.

You need the enemy to be saying to themselves: 

“Holy F***, he’s probably “fucking hard as fuck right now.” 

Make sure that’s what your competition is saying this 2024. 

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.