What's cold email for? To Generate Leads

Let’s go over the step-by-step process that will generate b2b leads for your business.

Step 1.

Creating a No Brainer Offer –  2 main ways.

A. crazy risk reversal. (you only pay for results ) ( I get you 50K in sales or your money back) List the things are tangible benefits for a business.

-sales -revenue -closed deals -new clients -calls booked -conversions -impressions on short term vids

B. Guaranteed or your money back. Guaranteed or we work for free until we perform. 

(Pay-per-call lead gen for marketing agencies)

Step 2.

Step up technical

A. Technical Side – purchase dummy domains that will send emails on behalf of your business. This will avoid your email from ending up in spam. Buy 10 minimum with similar names to your business. Figure out DMARK and all that tech stuff.  Cost: $200

B. Finding Leads – Use software like ListKit to scrape good emails from decision-makers. Apollo is another software option. Cost: $79

Step 3.

Write Scripts and Set up Campaigns.

After making a list of leads put them on en spreadsheet and on a column personalize on scale if possible.  This is an email sequence example. (taken from (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4NaspJJm3c&t=807s) linked on my Twitter thread.


Hey {{first_name}}, 

As the founder of a fast-growing agency, I imagine you are looking for additional client acquisition channels.

I can set up a cold email system that books 10 qualified calls on your calendar each month, 100% on autopilot.

I only charge for quailed calls, so you only pay me when a prospect shows up and is a good fit to work with you.

Mind if I share some campaign strategies I came up with for you based on your website/twitter?

email#2 (wait 4 days)

Hey {{first_name}}, 

I can add 10 quailed sales calls to your calendar each month – on a fully pay-per-call basis.

Unlike the other agencies in your inbox, I only charge for qualified leads. If they are not a good fit, you do not pay, 

I came up with a cold email campaign idea based on your website. mind if I share it here?/mind f we get on a quick call to discuss?

Email#3 (wait 3 days)

Hey {{first_name}}, 

I recorded a quick vid expelling a cold email strategy that can book 10 qualified calls on your calendar each month on a fully pay-per-call basis. 

(3c) I recorded a quick vid explaining how I’m different from all the other lead gen agencies in your inbox right now.

Mind if I share it here with you?

( send loom vid. on loom vid pitch idea. pitch a call. explain how your different. if beginner explain that you might work for free)

Email#4 (wait 5 days) *shout out to @cbwritescopy on x


email#5 (wait 21 days)

Hey {{first_name}}, 

Would now be a better time to discuss how I can add 10 qualified calls on your calendar each month on a fully pay-per-call basis?

Step 4.

Send emails.

Use smartlead. $39/month.

The list of contacts you got from listkit. You personalized scripts and emails. Now you’re sending emails. If you need help with this. GO to YouTube. Figure it out.

Step 5

Inbox Management

You are replying to emails now, People will ask for info. Make sure to give it to them along with pitching a call. If someone shows interest but stopped replying. Keep following up. Keep following up until you get a clear: no, not interested.

If someone asks about pricing:

“instead of going back and forth over email to discuss pricing and wasting both of our times, “id be happy to discuss our flexible pricing options on a quick call. how does tomorrow or Friday at 2 pm eastern work to discuss further?

WARNING: You will come across roadblocks. Go watch to full YouTube vid I shared and figure out what to do.


Two great resources: