What do you picture when you read the words “death dive”

Maybe you picture IG star @kenstorns jumping into a tiny hole of water surrounded by ice rocks where if the wind blows slightly it might be the last death dive he did. 

God forbid. 

I want you to picture this instead. 

Think of Death Dive as a type of Ego Death. 

What’s Ego Death?

Let’s first define EGO:

The ego Is the part of you that wants things no matter what.

Technically it is the mediator between ID and SuperEgo under Freud’s theory.

You want to have ice cream at 3 am. *impulse. ID, Your superego says you should not eat at night. Your ego would mediate. 

You want to sleep in and skip work. 

You want to tell your friend the truth which might hurt instead of sugarcoating a bit.

You’re EGO is what you would be like if you freely let your desires run amock. 

Typically, people think egotistic and they think of someone who thinks grand of themselves. 

Yet, I would say that every single one of us thinks this.

Sure we can be humble. 

Until we can’t. 

An Ego Death means to stop thinking you are the shit.

Reached a certain level? 


You might be the shit.

In fact, you most likely are the shit. 

Objectively speaking. 

Most people around you congratulate you. 

They cannot believe what a great job you are doing. 

You are talented. 

You still need to kill your ego. 

By killing you’re ego I do not mean to kill the part of you that gives you fuel. 

You might say, but might ego allows me to do a good job at work. 

Is it your ego enabling you to do a great job, or is it an ego death that allows you to excel?

Allow me to explain. 

Every time you need a confidence boost think of death dive ego death.

You want to make a great phone call at work. 

You think you sound like an idiot.

You hate the sound of your voice. 

Your ego would say: You’re too good for this. Don’t do it. 

Death of Ego would allow you to say to yourself. It does not matter if I sound like X. I can get over the sound of my own voice. I’ll make a good phone call. 

Apply death of self-awareness.

Become aware of others and what they need. 

Become selfless.

Become fulfilled in the process.

Take the Death Dive. 

Kill the Ego 

Apply Ego Death.