Copywrite is a simple topic. 

Weirdly, not many seem interested in what it is. 

I wasn’t aware of the term until my late twenties. 

Copywrite is the production of text that will get you more sales. 

Copywrite can be applied anywhere that is public-facing. 

Billboards, Store Fronts, Store Signs, Product Packaging.

This is where you can find copy out in the real world. 

Grab your coffee bag.

Read what it says on the back, other than the ingredients. 

You’ll find some text.

Probably a story or a description of the product. 

This is copy, designed to get you to stay loyal or buy more of the same product. 

Copy can be found online as well.

Copywrite has a process behind it.

Some might say it is a science. 

There are many tips tricks, techniques, mechanisms and secrets that can be learned in and about copy.

We’re about to learn the big picture. 

To write good copy you need 4 main things. 

  • Know your offer.
  • Know your audience. 
  • Know your medium.
  • Great Lead

If you know your offer you can list out the features and benefits and how each one is of crucial importance for the prospect to understand. The prospect must experience what it feels to buy and use your offer in the text they are reading before they even buy. Use PVAs for this. 

If you know your audience, you know how to speak to them. You know their wants and their needs. You know what they desire. You know what they are hungry for. You know at what time they are hungry and you have it ready to serve on warm plate. Knowing your audience allows you to arouse their hunger – and give you the opportunity to satisfy it. 

If you know this is an email and not a social media post, you’ll write a little differently. Your email audience is warmer to you than your social media audience is. Keep in mind where you are meeting your readers at.

If you know how to write a great lead you’ll be able to capture the reader for long enough to present benefits, offer and end results. You want to create a visual in readers’ minds of them buying and using your product before they even pull out their digital wallet. Read Great Leads by Michael Masterson and Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman. 

Hope this helps as a quick intro to copy. 

Talk to you all later. 

Have a great March 6th.