Listen Up Freelance Entrepreneurs: A realistic business goal for the next couple of years.

Inspired by a random gary v video I recently came across on IG where Gary says after being asked:

“How rich are you?”

“Very. When I say very, the average income in the US is $55,000. The top 1% of earners in America make $450,000 a year and above.

If you make $450k thousand a year in America? You are very very very rich.”

I asked myself what would it take to get to make that?

Let’s break it down:

$3500 mrr x 12 clients = $42,000

$42,000 x 12 months. 

$504,000 in 12 months. 

Get 12 clients to pay you at $3.500 per month for 12 months. And you are at the top percent earner level.

Step One: Get Client Number One.

How to attain client number one?

  1. Having a no-brainer offer. Simple. Easy to say yes to. No risk. Non sales sounding. Easy to understand. Easy to visualize. Easy to buy. Easy to see how it will grow and scale business.
  2. Outreach System. Find a way to find people you would work with. You probably come across these types of people every day, You’re just not paying attention. Stop mindlessly scrolling. Pay attention to who you would like to work with. Turn on notifications for their posts. Have a sample ready. Biggest take here: When on social media. Be sure to be proactive about it. Find ways you can help others. 
  3. Content system. Social Media. Web design. Newsletter. Email Automation. Email Marketing. Bonus: Cold Email Led Gen.

The combination of having a no-brainer offer an outreach system, and a content system, will allow you to generate potential clients on demand. 

Let’s create an offer so good it would be hard to say no to with copywriting upselling web design which includes newsletter landing page, email automation, email marketing, and social media content creation.