Where does it come from and how many tap into it.

Blind Confidence. 

When you’re driving on the highway at 60 mph and you see a big curve it doesn’t allow you to see if anyone is ahead, or what is going on past the curve. It’s physically impossible to see what’s up ahead on a road if it’s a curved road. The curve is blocking your view. 

Yet, you keep driving at 60 miles per hour. 

You don’t think twice about whether the road past the curve will be good to drive on. 

Unless there’s been some car accident, God forbid, maybe you slow down to 50 mph to pass the curve safely. 

Yet you never stop your car to see what’s past the curve.

Blind Confidence comes from stability, consistency, and predictability within a system.

In this case the highway system. 

If you lack confidence in your system it’s because most likely, you lack one of the above if not all.

Stability Consistency Predictability. 

With these three pillars in place, to the average person, it seems like blind confidence. 

But to those who are slightly more aware, it could be worded differently.

Trust in a proven system.

You don’t think twice about driving down the highway.

Stop thinking twice about launching your own business.