Be careful with what you let others label you.

It may be an odd thing to think about. But it is an important thing to practice.

Taking on labels that are useful, ignoring the ones that are not.

Labels, personalities, alter egos, stereotypes.

They fall under what is best described as character.


Visualize the type of person you want to be.

A better version of yourself. 

Now try to be that “character”

Maybe it’s the person you as a kid would be proud to look up to. 

Maybe it’s the you that you once visualized in your mind’s eye as a little kid.

Now what would that person do?

What would the best version of yourself act like on a daily basis?

Get as detailed as what motivates that person.

What drives him?

Have it so clear in your mind that when you catch yourself distracted you remind yourself and you immediately get on task if not back to work.

This series of thoughts, ideas, pictures, visualizations, etc. all push the peddal to the medal.

That’s the point.

Remind yourself of this visual if you catch yourself being sluggish.

Break it down into one triggering word or phrase.

Repeat to get yourself to focus or in action.

Remmeber, people are going to label you, call you names.

They will try to put you in a little box to shake whenever they please to try to rattle you.

But you won’t let them shake you. 

You’ll stand tall and firm like the California Redwood Trees,