The first thing you need to know about copy: you can do it too.

Some things in life become so so obvious that I wonder..

“How did’t I see this before?”

I guess most things are left for us to figure out on our own – for a lot of us. 

If you’re being raised inside a functional family unit, congratulations you are of high privilege.

Not everyone gets to be raised in a happy and productive family. 

But even if you are maybe you are not getting the latest education. 

If your family does not teach you something maybe you get to learn about it in school.

Probably not.

Think of the speed in which institutions like governments move. Even businesses with huge bureaucracy have this slow-motion speed that seems to be counterproductive.

Even if government schools DID want to teach the latest in education – they would probably take too long to get the job done.

We’ve all been victims of an inefficient business process. It’s hard to call out a single individual in a sea of many different moving parts of a business. 

It’s easy to say it was the front desk’s fault but that would never solve the problem – now you have beef with the front desk lady.

Maybe you’ve had to visit the DMV recently. If you are lucky, it was a seamless process. If you are like most people. It’s frustrating and a waste of time. 

I wish someone would have tapped me in the shoulder when I was 18 and told me:

Copywriting will be the foundation for whatever you decide to do in the future. In all industries, good writers are needed. Become a good writer and you will be welcome anywhere and you will be showered with money.

Have a great rest of your Sunday ya’ll.

P.S. I’m revamping my 90 day writing run. Here is what it will look like: Next 90 days I will be posting about any of the following topics:

Copywriting, Social Media, Web Design, Email Automation, Email Marketing, Email Outreach, Ads, Blogs, Offer Creation, My own Offer: The Content Repurposing Protocol.